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  1. Sep 10,  · With Catrin Stewart, Jack Parry-Jones, Suzanne Packer, Jacob Ifan. Bang is the story of a brother, a sister and a gun. Loner Sam's life is transformed when he comes into possession of a gun and starts to break the law. His ambitious policewoman sister Gina is paid to uphold it and makes it her mission to find the owner of the weapon. The family saga plays out against an inquiry into the /10(8).
  2. In computing, a shebang is the character sequence consisting of the characters number sign and exclamation mark (#!) at the beginning of a verlodeveganodelandcodoubsiobel.coinfo is also called sha-bang, hashbang, pound-bang, or hash-pling.. When a text file with a shebang is used as if it is an executable in a Unix-like operating system, the program loader mechanism parses the rest of the file's initial line as an.
  3. bang definition: 1. to (cause something to) make a sudden very loud noise or noises: 2. to hit a part of the body. Learn more.
  4. 16 hours ago · The Big Bang Theory came to an end with high ratings and strong momentum in , a rare feat for any television show. Folks wanted more, CBS .
  5. bang on 1. verb To strike something repeatedly. Quit banging on the door, I'm coming! How much longer will your little sister bang on the piano tonight? I'm getting a headache from all that racket. 2. adjective Exactly right. I think that is a bang on analysis of Forster's novel. My estimate was bang on. I hope the boss notices! See also: bang, on bang.
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